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Post by Wesker on Mon May 22, 2017 2:20 am

st000 "you are dead"

st001 originally the same music as in st001a. but actually never used?

st001a Village Combat 1 (Chapter 1-1 and 1-3)

st002 seeing first Regenerator lying on bed

st003 Del Lago fight

st004 used for all El Gigante fights

st005 Mendez fight

st006 Village Ambient 1 (dynamite maniacs at end of 1-1)

st007 Village Ambient 2 (farm)

st008 Village Ambient 3 (main village and farm after Ashley's rescue)

st009 Village Combat 2 (e.g. Chapter 1-2; co-op fight with luis; combat theme in Bella Sisters' area)

st010 combat event with ashley in castle (e.g. lifting ashley up to cranks; after freeing her from the trap)

st011 villagers chase you out of the village into the castle; also used as SW combat music on the way to activate the lift

st012 castle combat 1 (first rooms and turning bridge)

st013 the zealot meeting after you come from the sewers

st014 castle combat 2 (e.g. first red zealot; room where you find the rpg; fighting around Salazar's Statue)

st015 Underground combat (chapter 4-2 and 4-3; also used for swampy area in 1-3)

st015a village Combat 3 (graveyard after ashley's rescue)

st016 village Combat 4 (first plaga popping out of head and Ganados coming out of cave behind waterfall)

st017 checking rotting body parts under the stairs in the first house

st018 fight vs novistadors in sewers

st019 castle ambiente 1 (e.g. gallery room; "wine bottle shoot room"; also used for several rooms on the island)

st020 overview over area with the plank bridges (beginning of 1-2)

st021 entering Bella Sisters' area for the first time; seeing Salazar's Tower the first time; watching Salazar's Statue

st022 seeing castle for the first time; overview over castle room where you have to shoot the gate with the cannon

st023 save area (usually with typewriter and merchant)

st024 Island ambiente 1 (also used for Ashley in knight armor room)

st025 castle combat 3 (e.g. where you get the goat ornament; fight vs garador in cage; novistadors after ashley's kidnapping)

st025a riding the lorry

st026 fighting first garador

st027 typewriter theme

st028 seeing first garador in his cell

st029 fighting normal and armored garador together

st030 spiky ceiling comes down

st031 Drilling machine comes for Ashley

st032 run from statue part 1 (till door; part 2 is st050)

st033 Verdugo fight 1 (dodging its attacks from above and below)

st034 Verdugo fight 2 (actual fight when it lands on the floor)

st035 fighting your way up to the Salazar's tower's top

st036 Salazar fight

st037 Island Combat 1 (chapter 5-1 and 5-2; also used in Ada's Assignment over and over again)

st038 fight vs first Regenerator and the one in the freezer room and first iron maiden

st039 all other Regenerator/Iron Maiden fights

st040 "it" fight

st041 krauser fight 2 (mutated arm; also used for krauser fight in Ada's Assignment)

st042 krauser fight 1 (collecting first two pieces), also used as SW chapter 4 room 3/4/5 ambiente

st043 Mike's chopper area

st044 look over the cage where you're going to fight "it"

st045 Truck ride (chapter 4-2)

st046 escape from the island

st047 shooting range 1 (until reload break)

st048 seeing church for the first time

st049 passing the puddle in the oven man room

st050 run from statue part 2

st051 Saddler fight

st052 Mercenaries title screen

st053 unused?

st054 seeing Ashley getting carried away in first Island Room

st055 Result screen

st056 Island combat 2 (e.g. room with last JJ)

st057 Ada's Assignment title screen

st058 Wesker's Theme

st059 shooting range part 2 (after reload break)

st060 Leon's Theme

st061 Ada's Theme

st062 Krauser's Theme

st063 Hunk's Theme

st064 Seperate Ways(=SW) title screen

st065 SW mission title screen

st066 SW Combat 1 (Village + castle labyrinth)

st067 SW Combat 2 (in the church; Bela Sister fight (where you get the lift key))

st068 knife fight vs Krauser part 1

st069 knife fight vs Krauser part 2 (starts after you land on the lower floor)

st070 SW Saddler fight

st071 SW chapter 5 first two rooms ambiente

st072 unused?

st073 SW Krauser fight

st074 SW chapter 5: fight your way to the special rpg (last room)

st075 SW chapter 4 first room ambient

st076 SW chapter 4 second room ambient

st077 SW chapter number screen


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