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r100 = The first village area.
r101 = The main village
r102 = The underground area (after using the insignia key)
r103 = The farm past the main village
r104 = The area you wake up in with Luis
r105 = The chief's house
r106 = The road to the old house (running from the first boulder)
r107 = The area after using the two hexagon pieces
r108 = The graveyard
r109 = The El Gigante area
r10A = The swamp (place past El gig area)
r10B = Del Lago area
r10C = Area past Del Lago (night time)
r10D = Merchant place in the cave in the Del Lago area
r10E = The save room in the El Gig area
r10F = The lifts (near the end of the village)
r111 = The Main Village (night time)
r112 = The underground area (night time)
r113 = The farm past the main village (night time)
r117 = The graveyard (night time)
r118 = The church
r119 = El Gig area (night time)
r11A = The swamp (night time)
r11B = Del Lago area (night time)
r11C = Cabin area (Luis and Leon defend the cabin)
r11D = Split road, Camp (Bella sisters are here)
r11E = Split road, long road (Escape from El Gigante)
r11F = Torture barn (Mendez boss fight)
r200 = Village to Castle Road (Cutscene, Escaping to the castle)
r201 = Main Castle Entrance (Cutscene, Salazar's introduction)
r202 = Castle Catapult road
r203 = Castle Front Door (Cutscene, Luis forgets the drug) (Ashley is spawned instantly here)
r204 = Ceremonial Chamber (Cutscene, Ashley gets kidnapped behind wall) (end of chapter 3-1)
r205 = Novistador Sewers
r206 = Luis' death area (Cutscene at start, Luis gets wang-paled) (end of chapter 3-3)
r207 = Platinum and Gold Sword Room (radio call at start)
r208 = Large room with enemies (protect Ashley while she uses the cranks)
r209 = Machine Gun Room (Red Zealot runs away to a machine gun) (Later, zealots with rocket launchers hide behind a painting)
r20A = Outdoor area (Free Broken Butterfly)
r20B = Garden Maze
r20C = Dining Room (shoot the bottle in the painting)
r20D = Ashley Area 1 (crawl under tables)
r20E = Ashley Area 2 (knights and picture puzzle)
r20F = Lifting Bridge room
r210 = Dragon room entrance (Leon tells Ashley to wait)
r211 = Grail offering Room
r212 = Queens Grail room (digger breaks through wall)
r213 = Novistador Hive (Cutscene, Ashley gets carried away by Novistadors)
r214 = Rotating Bridge outside clock tower
r215 = Salazar sends Leon down the pit then changes area
r216 = Kings grail room (knights appear)
r217 = Clock Tower (crates block the gears)
r218 = Tower (before Leon is sent down the pit) (two Garradors here)
r219 = Transport Cart
r21A = Underground Mines
r21B = Mines (Mine cart ride)
r21D = Novistador Cave
r220 = Save point after Verdugo
r221 = Verdugo Area
r222 = Dragon room
r223 = Mines (before two El gig area)
r224 = Furnace (two el gig area)
r225 = Outdoor area (offering to the lion) (after Novistador cave)
r226 = Giant Statue Room
r227 = Tower of death (cutscene, Leon impales Salazar's hand)
r228 = Salazar Boss room
r229 = Below pit (after Salazar sends Leon down the pit) (before Verdugo room)
r22A = Final area (Ada waits for Leon)
r22C = Target practice area
r317 = Machine room (Krauser knife fight)
r318 = Laser room
r31C = Krauser Boss area
r400 = Mercs Village
r402 = Mercs Castle
r403 = Mercs Island
r404 = Mercs Waterworld
r51C = Seperate Ways Krauser Boss area
r51D = Seperate Ways Saddler Boss area
r300: first island place (meet the First JJ)
r301: the army place over the other one (where you meet rocket launching soldiers)
r303: the the place in (where is a creepy soldier & the guy in fire)
r304: where you meet the first armored ganado and ashley in TV
r305: the guys where throwing dynamtie and arrows of where from a locked door
r306: central room (between first regenerator, cold room, and trash room)
r307: labo room (meet the first regenerator)
r308: cold room (infrared scope & regenerator)
r309: the other labo (meet the first iron maiden with key card)
r30a: the communication sender, final room in assigment ada
r30b: trash room ( with the big grab hand) (where leon and ashley jumps down)
r30c: the room where ashley is ,she and 2 big armored guys
r30d: the long way, befor the truck( many locked doors & 2 regenrators)
r30e: the room after ashleys jail
r30f: the truck room (first)
r310: trash ,down, you meet here 2 iron maidens
r311: the room after 2 irons maiden, where is a big ball , active it to smash a wall for the door
r312: little merchant room, the little room behinde the big truck room door
r315: you waked up in the room after the truck but after cutscene you goes to saddler and he takes ashley end of chapiter 5-2
r316: the room where saddler steals ashley ,, after seconds you go the room behinde where merchant is
r317: leon vs. krauser knife battle room
r318: laser room
r31a: the cave befor, the cave room befor u3(it) where merchant is
r31b: u3(it) area
r31c: krauser area
r31d: are after u3, and befor krauser, the place where some soldiers are camping
r320: big battle area (the place after krauser area)
r321: the room after big battle are, the place where mike get killed... MIIIIIIIIKE!!!!
r325: the place after r321, where leon tryes to kill ada
r326: the creepiest room in the entire game, where the thing in the trash is, and the blind regenerator
r327: the room after r326, where is the last big fight with ganados, meet the 3rd JJ
r329: (where ada fights saddler room) geting ashley away with (cutscene)
r330: the laser operation room, (TAKE OUT THE DAM PARASITE OF BODYS)
r331: the room befor big saddler battle
r332: saddler area
r333: the last place in the game.
r334: second truck place ...

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