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Post by Wesker on Mon May 22, 2017 2:22 am

For xfile/em

First name represents sub-folder within the specified section above, below that with a hyphen represents models within the sub-folder for the model that will be completely loaded in the game.

Each of these models are used for character and enemy models in-game (in other words, the bodies of them).

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Models Empty Re: Models

Post by Wesker on Mon May 22, 2017 2:23 am


em1a "Zealot Leader"
- em1a00.pmd Zealot body
- em1a01.pmd Zealot head
- em1a04.pmd Zealot mask & hood A (same as before)
- em1a05.pmd Zealot mask & hood B (same as before)

em1b "Purple Zealot"
- em1b00.pmd Zealot body
- em1b01.pmd Zealot head
- em1b04.pmd Zealot mask & hood A (same as before)
- em1b05.pmd Zealot mask & hood B (same as before)

em1c "Garrador"
- em1c00.pmd Garrador full body + claws

em1d "Armour Garrador"
- em1d00.pmd Garrador full body, with armor + claws

em1e "Ganado Soldier Variations"
- em1e00.pmd Ganado with Coat A
- em1e00a.pmd Ganado with Coat B
- em1e00b.pmd Ganado with Vest A
- em1e00c.pmd Ganado with Coat C
- em1e01.pmd Ganado head A
- em1e01a.pmd Ganado neck
- em1e01b.pmd Ganado head B
- em1e01c.pmd Ganado Head C
- em1e01d.pmd Ganado Head D
- em1e01e.pmd Ganado with helmet and facial bandanna A
- em1e01h.pmd Ganado Head E
- em1e01i.pmd Ganado Head F
- em1e01k.pmd Ganado Head G
- em1e01l.pmd Ganado Head H
- em1e01m.pmd Ganado Head I
- em1eac00.pmd Full Facial/Head Covering (hole for eyes) A
- em1eac01.pmd Upper head bandanna A
- em1eac02.pmd Half-facial bandanna (covers mouth and nose) B
- em1eac03.pmd Vest with belt and bags attached on right-side
- em1eac04.pmd Suspenders with front chest covering
- em1eac05.pmd Tied half-facial mouth (covers mouth and nose)A
- em1eac06.pmd Upper head bandanna B
- em1eac07.pmd Half-facial bandanna (covers mouth and nose) C
- em1eac08.pmd Suspenders with sidepacks/backbags attached to belt, also has neck
- em1eac09.pmd Arms and collarbone/neck shirt section
- em1eac10.pmd Full Facial/Head Covering B
- em1eac11.pmd Upper head bandanna B
- em1eac12.pmd Vest with front small bags, back large bags
- em1eac13.pmd Vest with large bag on left side, two long bags on back
- em1eac14.pmd Vest with belt across from right shoulder
- em1elh00.pmd Left hand neutral
- em1elh01.pmd Left hand grabbing
- em1elh02.pmd Left hand pointing
- em1elh03.pmd Left hand fist
- em1elh04.pmd Left hand different fist
- em1erh00.pmd Right hand neutral
- em1erh01.pmd Right hand grabbing
- em1erh02.pmd Right hand pointing
- em1erh03.pmd Right hand fist
- em1erh04.pmd Right hand different fist

em1f "Psycho Salvador"
- em1f00.pmd Psycho Salvador full body

em2a "Traps"
- em2a00.pmd Bear trap
- em20a01.pmd Explosives trap A
- em20a02.pmd Explosives trap B

em2b "El Gigante"
- em2b00.pmd El Gigante A (minus face)
- em2b00a.pmd El Gigante with thorns/spikes in it's body (minus face)
- emb200b.pmd El Gigante B (minus face)
- emb200c.pmd El Gigante C (minus face)
- emb201.pmd El Gigante face A & collar
- emb201a.pmd El Gigante face B has a slight collar
- emb201b.pmd El Gigante face C (has a long, pointy nose)
- emb201c.pmd El Gigante face D, has collar and also has additional armor

em2c "Verdugo"
- em2c00.pmd Verdugo full body
- em2c01.pmd Verdugo tail

em2d "Novistador"
- em2d00.pmd Novistador A full-body, minus wings
- em2d02.pmd Novistador B full-body, minus wings
- em2d04.pmd Novistador C full-body with wings

em2e "Spider"
- em2e00.pmd Spider B full-body
- em2e01.pmd Spider B full-body

em2f "Del Lago"
- em2f00.pmd Del Lago full-body

em3a "Drones"
- em3a00.pmd Drones
- em3a01.pmd Missile/Bomb
- em3a02.pmd Creeper Drone

em3b "Truck with Explosives"
- em3b00.pmd Truck A, has broken windscreen
- em3b00a.pmd Truck B, windscreen has been barred

em3c "Armadura" (Suit of Armor enemies)
- em3c00.pmd Armadura A full body
- em3c00a.pmd Armadura B full body, has feather decoration on the helmet
- em3c01.pmd Armadura A joints & under-armor
- em3c01a.pmd Armadura B joints and under-armor
- em3carm1.pmd Armadura Axe
- em3carm2.pmd Armadura Sword

em3e "Shooting Range Target Base"
- em3ea01.pmd Target A with hole, representing headshot
- em3eb01.pmd Target B with hole, representing headshot
- em3ed01.pmd Target B, with left arm raised also has a hole, representing headshot

em3f "Osmund Saddler (Seperate Ways)"
- em3f00..pmd Full-body, minus hands and head
- em3f01.pmd Head, and surcoat/cape
- em3f02.pmd Tentacle A
- em3f03.pmd Tentacle B
- em3flh00.pmd Left hand neutral
- em3frh00.pmd Right hand neutral

em4b "Missile Turret"
- em4b00.pmd Full Missile turret

em4e "Machine Gun Turret"
- em4e00.pmd Full machine gun turret

em10 "Don Jose"
- em1000.pmd Don Jose body
- em1000lo.pmd Low poly Don Jose body
- em1001.pmd Don Jose head
- em1001a.pmd Don Jose neck
- em1001alo.pmd Low poly Don Jose neck
- em1001lo.pmd Low poly Don Jose head
- em10lh00.pmd Left-Hand neutral
- em10lh00lo.pmd Low poly left-hand neutral
- em10lh01.pmd Left-Hand Gripping
- em10lh01lo.pmd Low poly left-hand gripping
- em10lh02.pmd Left-hand pointing
- em10lh02l0.pmd Low-poly left hand pointing
- em10lh03.pmd Left-Hand fist
- em10lh03lo.pmd Low-poly left hand fist
- em10rh00.pmd Right-hand neutral
- em10rh00lo.pmd Low poly right hand neutral
- em10rh01.pmd Right-hand gripping
- em10rh01lo.pmd Low poly right hand gripping
- em10rh02.pmd Right hand pointing
- em10rh02lo.pmd Low poly right hand pointing
- em10rh03.pmd Right hand fist
- em10rh03lo.pmd Low poly right hand fist
- em10rh04.pmd Another right-hand fist
- em10rh04lo.pmd Another right-hand fist

em11 "Maria"
- em1101.pmd Maria body
- em110lo.pmd Low poly Maria body
- em1101.pmd Maria head
- em1101lo.pmd Low poly Maria head
- em1101a.pmd Maria neck
- em1101alo.pmd Low poly Maria neck
- em11lh00.pmd Left hand neutral
- em11lh00lo.pmd Low poly left hand neutral
- em11lh01.pmd Left Hand Grabbing
- em11lh01lo.pmd Low poly left hand grabbing
- em11lh02.pmd Left hand pointing
- em11lh02lo.pmd Low poly left hand pointing
- em11lh03.pmd Left hand fist
- em11lh03lo.pmd Low poly left hand fist
- em11rh00.pmd Right hand neutral
- em11rh00lo.pmd Low poly right hand neutral
- em11rh01.pmd Right hand grabbing
- em11rh01lo.pmd Low poly right hand grabbing
- em11rh02.pmd Right hand pointing
- em11rh02lo.pmd Low poly right hand pointing
- em11rh03.pmd Right hand fist
- em11rh03lo.pmd Low poly right hand fist

em12 "Isabel"
- em1200.pmd Isabel body
- em1200lo.pmd Low poly Isabel body
- em1201.pmd Isabel head
- em1201lo.pmd Low poly Isabel head
- em1201a.pmd Isabel neck
- em1201alo.pmd Low poly Isabel neck
- em1203.pmd "Bella Sister ~ Isabel" Head version
- em12lh00.pmd Left hand neutral
- em12lh00lo.pmd Low poly left hand neutral
- em12lh01.pmd Left hand grabbing
- em12lh01lo.pmd Low poly left hand grabbing
- em12lh02.pmd Left hand pointing
- em12lh02lo.pmd Low poly left hand pointing
- em12lh03.pmd Left hand fist
- em12lh03lo.pmd Low poly left hand fist
- em12rh00.pmd Right hand neutral
- em12rh00lo.pmd Low poly right hand neutral
- em12rh01.pmd Right hand grabbing
- em12rh01lo.pmd Low poly right hand grabbing
- em12rh02.pmd Right hand pointing
- em12rh02lo.pmd Low poly right hand pointing
- em12rh03.pmd Right hand fist
- em12rh03lo.pmd Low poly right hand fist

em13 "Don Manuel"
- em1300.pmd Don Manuel body
- em1300lo.pmd Low poly Don Manuel body
- em1301.pmd Don Manuel head
- em1301lo.pmd Low poly Don Manuel head
- em1301a.pmd Don Manuel neck
- em1301alo.pmd Low poly Don Manuel neck
- em13lh00.pmd Left hand neutral
- em13lh00low.pmd Low poly left hand neutral
- em13lh01.pmd Left hand grabbing
- em13lh01lo.pmd Low poly left hand grabbing
- em13lh02.pmd Left hand pointing
- em13lh02lo.pmd Low poly left hand pointing
- em13lh03.pmd Left hand fist
- em13lh03lo.pmd Low poly left hand fist
- em13rh00.pmd Right hand neutral
- em13rh00lo.pmd Low poly right hand neutral
- em13rh01.pmd Right hand grabbing
- em13rh01lo.pmd Low poly right hand grabbing
- em13rh02.pmd Right hand pointing
- em13rh02lo.pmd Low poly right hand pointing
- em13rh03.pmd Right hand fist
- em13rh03lo.pmd Low poly right hand fist

em14 "J.J"
- em1400.pmd J.J.'s Full-Body + Machine gun.

em15 "Don Esteban"
- em1500.pmd Don Esteban body
- em1500lo.pmd Low poly Don Esteban body
- em1501.pmd Don Esteban head
- em1501lo.pmd Low poly Don Esteban head
- em1501a.pmd Don Esteban neck
- em1501alo.pmd Low poly Don Esteban neck
- em15lh00.pmd Left Hand neutral
- em15lh00lo.pmd Low poly left hand neutral
- em15lh01.pmd Left hand grabbing
- em15lh01lo.pmd Low poly left hand grabbing
- em15lh02.pmd Left hand pointing
- em15lh02lo.pmd Low poly left hand pointing
- em15lh03.pmd Left hand fist
- em15lh03lo.pmd Low poly left hand fist
- em15rh00.pmd Right hand neutral
- em15rh00lo.pmd Low poly right hand neutral
- em15rh01.pmd Right hand grabbing
- em15rh01lo.pmd Low poly right hand grabbing
- em15rh02.pmd Right hand pointing
- em15rh02lo.pmd Low poly right hand pointing
- em15rh03.pmd Right hand fist
- em15rh03lo.pmd Low poly right hand fist

em16 "Don Diego" & "Dr. Salvador"
- em1600.pmd Don Diego & Dr. Salvador body
- em1600lo.pmd Low poly Don Diego & Dr. Salvador body
- em1601.pmd Don Diego Head
- em1601lo.pmd Low poly Don Diego head
- em1601a.pmd Don Diego & Dr. Salvador neck
- em1601alo.pmd Low poly Don Diego & Dr. Salvador neck
- em1603.pmd Dr. Salvador Head variation
- em1603a.pmd Super Salvador head variation
- em16lh00.pmd Left hand neutral
- em16lh00lo.pmd Low poly left hand neutral
- em16lh01.pmd Left hand grabbing
- em16lh01lo.pmd Low poly left hand grabbing
- em16lh02.pmd Left hand pointing
- em16lh02lo.pmd Low poly left hand pointing
- em16lh03.pmd Left hand fist
- em16lh03lo.pmd Low poly left hand fist
- em16rh00.pmd Right hand neutral
- em16rh00lo.pmd Low poly right hand neutral
- em16rh01.pmd Right hand grabbing
- em16rh01lo.pmd Low poly right hand grabbing
- em16rh02.pmd Right hand pointing
- em16rh02lo.pmd Low poly right hand pointing
- em16rh03.pmd Right hand fist
- em16rh03lo.pmd Low poly right hand fist

em18 "Merchant"
- em1800.pmd Merchant Face (eyes, nose), rucksack, boots and shins to below the kneecap
- em1801.pmd Merchant hood, bandanna
- em1802.pmd Merchant's cloak left-side that opens
- em1802a.pmd Merchant's back with pants hem behind it
- em1803.pmd Merchant Front, with left shoulder and belts/holsters on front
- em1804.pmd Merchant's coat + arms, coat is missing side that opens
- em18lh00.pmd Left hand neutral
- em18rh00.pmd Right hand neutral

em19 "Standard Zealot" (Zealot with masks, shields, Purple Zealot and Zealot Leader Mask)
- em1900.pmd Standard Zealot body
- em1901.pmd Zealot head
- em1901a.pmd Zealot neck
- em1901b.pmd Zealot head, broken/open from the jaw
- em1904.pmd Zealot Mask A (Hood + mask, mouth is visible)
- em1905.pmd Zealot Mask B (Hood + full face mask)
- em19ac00.pmd Zealot Necklace A
- em19ac01.pmd Zealot Necklace B
- em19ac02.pmd Zealot Surcoat A
- em19ac03.pmd Zealot Metal Mask A
- em19ac04.pmd Zealot Bull Mask
- em19ac05.pmd Zealot Metal Mask B
- em19ac06.pmd Zealot Metal Mask B again
- em19ac07.pmd Zealot Surcoat B
- em19lh00.pmd Left hand neutral
- em19lh01.pmd Left hand grabbing
- em19lh02.pmd Left hand pointing
- em19lh03.pmd Left hand fist
- em19lh04.pmd A different Left hand fist
- em19rh00.pmd Right hand neutral
- em19rh01.pmd Right hand grabbing
- em19rh02.pmd Right hand pointing
- em19rh03.pmd Right hand fist
- em19rh03.pmd A different Right hand fist

em20 "Ganado Soldier (Demented) Variations"
- em2000.pmd Ganado Soldier body
- em2000a.pmd Ganado Spiked Armor & spiked hammer
- em2001a.pmd Demented Ganado Gas Mask A (stiched to head)
- em2001b.pmd Demented Ganado Head A (with spikes in left side of head)
- em2001c.pmd Demented Gas Mask Ganado Head B (with barbed wire)

em21 "Hewie" (Colmillos without Plaga)
- em2100.pmd Hewie body A
- em2101.pmd Hewie body B (Injured)

em22 "Colmillos"
- em2200.pmd Colmillos body

em23 "Crow"
- em2300.pmd Crow body, minus wings
- em2301.pmd Wings expanded
- em2302.pmd Wings tucked/closed

em24 "Snake?!"
- em2400.pmd Snake body

em25 "Plaga with Legs"
- em2500.pmd Plaga type with legs

em26 "Bull"
- em2600.pmd Bull Full-body A
- em2601.pmd Bull Full-body B

em27 "Bass"
- em2700.pmd Bass fish full-body

em28 "Chicken"
- em2800.pmd Chicken full-body A
- em2801.pmd Chicken full-body B

em29 "Bat"
- em2900.pmd Full bat body (with wings expanded)

em31 "Osmund Saddler (Spider Mutation)"
- em3100.pmd Spider Saddler's legs
- em3101.pmd Saddler's Head, Giant eye within his mouth
- em3102.pmd Saddler's dangling body, right arm and legs are mutated and left arm is fine.

em32 "U3 / It"
- em3200.pmd U3 Upper body
- em3201.pmd U3 Lower body
- em3202.pmd U3 Clawed Tail

em35 "Bitores Mendez Mutated"
- em3500.pmd Mendez upper body
- em3501.pmd Mendez lower body
- em3501a.pmd Mendez injured upper body
- em3501b.pmd Mendez injured lower body

em36 "Regenerator" & "Iron Maiden"
- em3600.pmd upper leg & hips (no knee caps)
- em3601.pmd Chest Front & Back
- em3601a.pmd Chest front & Back, with hole in the middle
- em3602.pmd Top of head with eyes only
- em3602a.pmd Mid-face
- em3603.pmd Right arm and hand
- em3603a.pmd Piece of upper right arm / joint
- em3604.pmd Left arm and hand
- em3604a.pmd Piece of upper left arm / joint
- em3605.pmd Lower right leg & foot
- em3605a.pmd Right kneecap / piece of right leg
- em3606.pmd Lower left leg & foot
- em3606a.pmd Left kneecap / piece of left leg
- em3607.pmd Regenerator Upper chest (with back), shoulders, lower head and neck
- em3607a.pmd Neck piece
- em3610.pmd Iron Maiden upper legs & hips
- em3611.pmd Iron Maiden chest & back
- em3611a.pmd Iron Maiden chest & back, with hole in the middle
- em3612.pmd Iron Maiden upper head
- em3612a.pmd Iron Maiden Mid-face
- em3613.pmd Iron Maiden right arm and hand
- em3613a.pmd Iron Maiden piece of upper right arm / joint
- em3614.pmd Iron Maiden left arm and hand
- em3614a.pmd Iron Maiden piece of upper left arm / joint
- em3615.pmd Iron Maiden lower right leg & foot
- em3615a.pmd Iron Maiden right kneecap / piece of right leg
- em3616.pmd Iron Maiden lower left leg & foot
- em3616a.pmd Iron Maiden left kneecap / piece of left leg
- em3617.pmd Iron Maiden Upper chest (with back), shoulders, lower head and neck
- em3617a.pmd Iron Maiden neck

em38 "Mutated Ramon Salazar"
- em3800.pmd Absorbed Verdugo Extension (Neck, head)
- em3800a.pmd Salazar Eye
- em3801.pmd Salazar tentacle
- em3802.pmd Mutated Upper & head
- em3803.pmd Flower head

em39 "Mutated Jack Krauser"
- em3900a.pmd Upper body (minus head, hands)
- em3900b.pmd Upper body A (minus left arm)
- em3900c.pmd Upper body B (minus left arm)
- em3901.pmd Lower legs + feet
- em3902.pmd Head A
- em3903.pmd Vest
- em3904.pmd Beret A
- em3904a.pmd Beret B
- em3905.pmd Knife handle
- em3906a.pmd Upper Mutated left arm
- em3907.pmd Mutated left arm blade
- em3910.pmd Full body (minus head, left arm and hands)
- em3911.pmd Head B
- em3912.pmd Full mutated arm and blade
- em39lh00.pmd Left hand neutral
- em39lh02.pmd Left hand fist
- em39rh00.pmd Right hand neutral
- em39rh01.pmd Right hand fist
- em39rh02.pmd Right hand gripping
- em39rh03.pmd Right hand, different fist

em44 "Jacket Thief Ganado"
- em4400.pmd Full-body (minus head, hands)
- em4401.pmd Head and neck
- em4401a.pmd Neck/Collarbone area

em81 "Osmund Saddler Mutated (Spider Saddler) - Injured Version"
- em8100.pmd Mutated Legs
- em8101.pmd Mutated head with eye in Saddler's mouth
- em8102.pmd Mutated Saddler's body (right arm is a tentacle, left arm is fine and is missing both legs)

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Models Empty Re: Models

Post by Wesker on Mon May 22, 2017 2:23 am


Pl00 "Leon Scott Kennedy (Normal Costume)"
- pl0000.pmd Full body, minus hands and hair
- pl0001.pmd Hair
- pl000a.pmd Full body, missing head, hands and middle jacket. Has jacket sleeves
- pl000b.pmd Leon head, missing front of face, has eyes, mouth, external skull and ears
- pl000c.pmd Leon's face
- pl000d.pmd Hair again
- pl000e.pmd Jacket chest only
- pl000g.pmd Neck
- pl000h.pmd Full head + hair
- pl000i.pmd Acid Decayed Head (Regenerator Acid Death Head model)
- pl000j.pmd Leon's Knife
- pl000k.pmd Leon's scar
- pl000l.pmd Leon's knife handle
- rh00.pmd Right Hand Neutral
- rh01.pmd Right hand gripping A
- rh02.pmd Right hand gripping B
- rh03.pmd Right hand fist A
- rh04.pmd Right hand gripping C
- rh05.pmd Right hand fist B
- rh06.pmd Right hand gripping D
- rh07.pmd Right hand gripping E
- rh08.pmd Right hand fist C
- rh09.pmd Right hand gripping F
- rh10.pmd Right hand gripping G
- rh11.pmd Right hand fist D
- lh00.pmd Left hand neutral
- lh01.pmd Left hand fist A
- lh02.pmd Left hand gripping A
- lh03.pmd Left hand fist B
- lh04.pmd Left hand gripping B
- lh05.pmd Left hand fist C
- lh06.pmd Left hand gripping C

Pl0a "Mercenaries ~ Jack Krauser"
- pl0a0a.pmd Legs and feet to belt
- pl0a0b.pmd Head A
- pl0a0e.pmd Chest and arms, minus hands and neck
- pl0a0f.pmd Chest with mutated left arm
- pl0a0g.pmd Decapitated Neck
- pl0a0h.pmd Head B
- pl0a0i.pmd Quiver
- pl0a0j.pmd Krauser's knife
- pl0a0k.pmd Mutated Upper Left Arm
- pl0alh00.pmd Left hand neutral
- pl0alh07.pmd Left hand fist
- pl0arh00.pmd Right hand neutral
- pl0arh01.pmd Right hand fist A
- pl0arh02.pmd Right hand gripping A
- pl0arh07.pmd Right hand gripping B
- pl0arh10.pmd Right hand fist B

pl0b "Mercenaries ~ BIOHAZARD 2 Ada Wong"
-pl0b0a.pmd Full-body, minus neck and head
- pl0b0b.pmd Upper neck, ears and eyes only
- pl0b0c.pmd Face
- pl0b0d.pmd Hair
- pl0b0h.pmd Full head + Hair
- pl0blh00.pmd Left hand neutral
- pl0blh01.pmd Left hand fist
- pl0blh02.pmd Left hand gripping A
- pl0blh04.pmd Left hand gripping B
- pl0brh00.pmd Right hand neutral
- pl0brh01.pmd Right hand gripping A
- pl0brh02.pmd Right hand gripping B
- pl0brh03.pmd Right hand gripping C
- pl0brh04.pmd Right hand gripping D
- pl0brh06.pmd Right hand gripping E
- pl0brh07.pmd Right hand gripping F

pl0c "Ada the Spy / Assignment Ada"
- pl0c0a.pmd Full body, minus hands, neck and head (loads Mercenaries ~ Ada head)
- pl0clh00.pmd Left hand neutral
- pl0clh01.pmd Left hand fist
- pl0clh02.pmd Left hand gripping A
- pl0clh04.pmd Left hand gripping B
- pl0crh00.pmd Right hand neutral
- pl0crh01.pmd Right hand gripping A
- pl0crh02.pmd Right hand gripping B
- pl0crh03.pmd Right hand gripping C
- pl0crh04.pmd Right hand gripping D
- pl0crh06.pmd Right hand gripping E
- pl0crh07.pmd Right hand gripping F

pl0d "Mercenaries ~ Albert Wesker begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting"
- pl0d0a.pmd Upper body, minus head, neck and hands
- pl0d0b.pmd Head with ears, eyes, mouth and sunglasses - no face
- pl0d0c.pmd Face
- pl0d0e.pmd Legs and feet
- pl0d0g.pmd Decapitated Neck
- pl0d0h.pmd Full head with sunglasses
- pl0dlh00.pmd Left hand neutral
- pl0dlh02.pmd Left hand gripping A
- pl0dlh04.pmd Left hand gripping B
- pl0drh00.pmd Right hand neutral
- pl0drh01.pmd Right hand gripping A
- pl0drh04.pmd Right hand Gripping B
- pl0drh07.pmd Right hand gripping C

pl0e "Jetski"
- pl0e00.pmd Full Jetski

pl0f "Old Dinghy"
- pl0f00.pmd Full Dinghy, with engine and spears
- pl0f01.pmd Full spear

pl01 "Ashley Graham"
- pl0100.pmd Full body, minus hair and hands
- pl0101.pmd Hair
- pl01lh00.pmd Left hand neutral
- pl01lh01.pmd Left hand fist
- pl01rh00.pmd Right hand neutral
- pl01rh01.pmd Right hand fist A
- pl01rh02.pmd Right hand gripping Flashlight
- pl01rh03.pmd Right hand pointing

pl02 "Ada Wong - Red Gown *Unused* (AI one).
- pl0200.pmd Ada full body A, minus head, neck and hands - has feet, holster on right-leg and only the top of the gown
- pl0201.pmd Ada full body B, minus head, neck and hands - has feet, holster on-right leg and only the top of the gown
- pl020b.pmd Eyes only
- pl020c.pmd Face minus eyes, back of head, hair
- pl020d.pmd Hair
- pl020e.pmd Bottom of gown
- pl020f.pmd Ribbons (when loaded connects to collar of gown, has a brooch there)

pl04 "Luis Sera"
- pl0400.pmd Luis full body, minus hands and hair
- pl0401.pmd Hair
- pl04lh04.pmd Left hand gripping
- pl0frh01.pmd Right hand gripping

pl05 "Ashley Graham ~ Popstar/Pop Diva (Costume #1)"
- pl0500.pmd Full body, minus hair and hands
- pl0501.pmd Hair
- pl05lh00.pmd Left hand neutral
- pl05lh01.pmd Left hand fist
- pl05rh00.pmd Right hand neutral
- pl05rh01.pmd Right hand fist
- pl05rh02.pmd Right hand gripping Flashlight
- pl05rh03.pmd Right hand pointing

pl06 "Mercenaries ~ BIOHAZARD 2 H.U.N.K."
- pl060a.pmd Full body, minus hands, neck and head
- pl060b.pmd Full head
- pl060c.pmd Decapitated neck
- pl06lh00.pmd Left hand neutral
- pl06lh01.pmd Left hand fist
- pl06rh00.pmd Right hand neutral
- pl06rh03.pmd Right hand fist
- pl06rh07.pmd Right hand gripping

pl07 "Policia"
- pl0700.pmd Policia A full body (without head), has hands and cap
- pl0700a.pmd Policia B full body (without head), has hands and cap
- pl0701.pmd Policia A face
- pl0701a.pmd Policia B face with glasses

pl08 "Leon Scott Kennedy (Normal Costume, minus Jacket)"
- pl080a.pmd Full body without head, hands
- pl080f.pmd Knife holster
- pl080j.pmd Leon's Knife
- pl080l.pmd Knife handle

pl09 "Leon Scott Kennedy (Normal Costume) Tactical Vest"
- pl090a.pmd Full body minus head, hands
- pl090f.pmd Knife holster
- pl090j.pmd Leon's Knife
- pl090l.pmd Knife handle

pl10 "Leon Scott Kennedy ~ BIOHAZARD 2 R.P.D. Uniform (Costume #1)"
- pl100a.pmd Full body, minus head and hands
- pl100f.pmd Knife holster
- pl100j.pmd Leon's Knife
- pl100l.pmd Knife handle

pl16 "Another Order / Separate Ways Ada Wong"
- pl160a.pmd Full body minus head, hands
- pl160j.pmd Ada's knife
- pl16lh00.pmd Left hand neutral
- pl16lh01.pmd Left hand fist A
- pl16lh02.pmd Left hand grabbing A
- pl16lh04.pmd Left hand grabbing B
- pl16lh05.pmd Left hand fist B
- pl16lh07.pmd Left hand grabbing C
- pl16lh08.pmd Left grabbing D
- pl16rh00.pmd Right hand neutral
- pl16rh01.pmd Right hand grabbing A
- pl16rh02.pmd Right hand grabbing B
- pl16rh03.pmd Right hand grabbing C
- pl16rh04.pmd Right hand grabbing D
- pl16rh06.pmd Right hand grabbing E
- pl16rh07.pmd Right hand grabbing F
- pl16rh11.pmd Right hand fist

pl17 "Ashley Graham Armor (Bonus Costume #2)"
- pl1700.pmd Full body, minus hands
- pl1701.pmd Hair and eyes
- pl17lh00.pmd Left hand neutral
- pl17lh01.pmd Left hand fist
- pl17rh00.pmd Right hand neutral
- pl17rh01.pmd Right hand fist
- pl17rh02.pmd Right hand gripping Flashlight
- pl17rh03.pmd Right hand pointing

pl19 "Leon Scott Kennedy Mafia (Bonus Costume #2)"
- pl190a.pmd Full body, minus head and hands
- pl190b.pmd Head with eyes, mouth and ears - no face
- pl190c.pmd Face
- pl190d.pmd Head with Fedora hat
- pl190f.pmd Scar
- pl190h.pmd Full head, hair and Fedora
- pl190j.pmd Leon's Knife
- rh00.pmd Right Hand Neutral
- rh01.pmd Right hand gripping A
- rh02.pmd Right hand gripping B
- rh03.pmd Right hand fist A
- rh04.pmd Right hand gripping C
- rh05.pmd Right hand fist B
- rh06.pmd Right hand gripping D
- rh07.pmd Right hand gripping E
- rh08.pmd Right hand fist C
- rh09.pmd Right hand gripping F
- rh10.pmd Right hand gripping G
- rh11.pmd Right hand fist D
- lh00.pmd Left hand neutral
- lh01.pmd Left hand fist A
- lh02.pmd Left hand gripping A
- lh03.pmd Left hand fist B
- lh04.pmd Left hand gripping B
- lh05.pmd Left hand fist C
- lh06.pmd Left hand gripping C

pl21 "Leon Scott Kennedy (without Jacket) - AI for Seperate Ways/The Another Order
- pl12100.pmd Full body, without hair or hands
- pl12101.pmd Hair

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Models Empty Re: Models

Post by Wesker on Mon May 22, 2017 2:23 am

For xfile/sub/tel
Leon Scott Kennedy
- tel0001_0.pmd Head only, expression A
- tel0001_1.pmd Head only, expression B
- tel0001_2.pmd Head only, expression C
- tel0001_3.pmd Head only, expression D
- tel0001_4.pmd Head only, expression E
- tel0001_5.pmd Head only, expression F
- tel0001_6.pmd Head only, expression G
- tel0001_7.pmd Head only, expression H
- tel0001_8.pmd Head only, expression I
- tel0001_9.pmd Head only, expression J
- tel0002.pmd Eyeballs only
- tel0003_0.pmd Head only, expression K
- tel0003_1.pmd Head only, expression L
- tel0003_2.pmd Head only, expression M
- tel0003_3.pmd Head only, expression N
- tel0003_4.pmd Head only, expression O
- tel0003_5.pmd Head only, expression P
- tel0003_6.pmd Head only, expression Q
- tel0003_7.pmd Head only, expression R
- tel0003_8.pmd Head only, expression S
- tel0003_9.pmd Head only, expression T

Ingrid Hunnigan
- tel0100.pmd Shirt, jacket, collarbone to upper neck and headset
- tel0101_0.pmd Head only, expression A
- tel0101_1.pmd Head only, expression B
- tel0101_2.pmd Head only, expression C
- tel0101_3.pmd Head only, expression D
- tel0101_4.pmd Head only, expression E
- tel0101_5.pmd Head only, expression F
- tel0101_6.pmd Head only, expression G
- tel0101_7.pmd Head only, expression H
- tel0101_8.pmd Head only, expression I
- tel0102.pmd Eyeballs only
- tel0103.pmd Hair only
- tel0104.pmd Glasses and earring
- tel0105.pmd Hands only, T-pose position in a neutral shape.

Ramon Salazar
- tel0200.pmd Hat, vest, cravat, full coat and hair ribbon
- tel0201_0.pmd Head only, expression A
- tel0201_1.pmd Head only, expression B
- tel0201_2.pmd Head only, expression C
- tel0201_3.pmd Head only, expression D
- tel0201_4.pmd Head only, expression E
- tel0201_5.pmd Head only, expression F
- tel0201_6.pmd Head only, expression G
- tel0201_7.pmd Head only, expression H
- tel0201_8.pmd Head only, expression I
- tel0202.pmd Eyeballs only
- tel0203.pmd Hair only
- tel0204.pmd Hands only

Osmund Saddler
- tel0300.pmd Upper chest with arms only
- tel0301_0.pmd Head only, expression A
- tel0301_1.pmd Head only, expression B
- tel0301_2.pmd Head only, expression C
- tel0301_3.pmd Head only, expression D
- tel0301_4.pmd Head only, expression E
- tel0301_5.pmd Head only, expression F
- tel0301_6.pmd Head only, expression G
- tel0301_7.pmd Head only, expression H
- tel0301_8.pmd Head only, expression I
- tel0302.pmd Eyeballs only
- tel0303.pmd Hair only
- tel0304a.pmd Hood up, with hair underneath only
- tel0304b.pmd Hood down only
- tel0305.pmd Hands only

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Models Empty Re: Models

Post by Wesker on Mon May 22, 2017 2:24 am

For xfile/obj/id:
List of weapons/ammo models and their filenames in xfile/obj/id

These models are used when you choose to "examine" a weapon or item (the rotating model)


Hand grenade - idm001.pmd
Incendiary grenade - idm002.pmd
Flash grenade - idm00e.pmd

Knife - idm038.pmd

Handgun - idm023.pmd
Handgun w/ silencer - idm024.pmd
Punisher - idm021.pmd
Blacktail - idm027.pmd
Red9 - idm025.pmd
Red9 w/ stock - idm026.pmd
Matilda - idm003.pmd

TMP - idm030.pmd
TMP w/ stock - idm032.pmd

Minethrower - idm036.pmd
Minethrower w/ scope - idm0ab.pmd

Shotgun - idm02c.pmd
Riot Shotgun - idm094.pmd
Striker - idm02d.pmd

Bolt-Action Rifle - idm02e.pmd
Bolt-Action Rifle w/ scope - idm06b.pmd
Bolt-Action Rifle w/ thermal scope - idm099.pmd
Semi-Auto Rifle - idm02f.pmd
Semi-Auto Rifle w/ scope - idm06c.pmd
Semi-Auto Rifle w/ thermal scope - idm051.pmd

Broken Butterfly - idm029.pmd
Killer7 - idm02a.pmd
Handcannon - idm037.pmd

Ada's crossbow - idm010.pmd

Chicago Typewriter - idm034.pmd
Chicago Typewriter (with barrel magazine) - idm053.pmd
Rocket Launcher - idm035.pmd
Rocket Launcher (maybe infinite version) - idm06d.pmd
Special rocket launcher (red) - idm017.pmd
PRL142 - idm041.pmd

Punisher (Ada) - idm040.pmd
Shotgun (Ada) - idm047.pmd

TMP (Hunk) - idm03e.pmd

Krauser's bow - idm052.pmd


Handgun ammo - idm004.pmd
TMP ammo - idm020.pmd
Shotgun ammo - idm018.pmd
Rifle ammo - idm007.pmd
Magnum ammo - idm000.pmd
Minethrower ammo - idm046.pmd
Handcannon ammo - idm01a.pmd

Crossbow bolts - idm011.pmd
Krauser Bow Ammo - idm072.pmd


First aid spray - idm005.pmd
Green herb - idm006.pmd
Yellow herb - idm01c.pmd
Red herb - idm019.pmd
Chicken egg - idm008.pmd
Brown egg - idm009.pmd
Gold egg - idm00a.pmd
Small Bass - idm095.pmd
Large Bass - idm097.pmd

TMP Silencer - idm03f.pmd
Stock (Red9) - idm042.pmd
Stock (TMP) - idm043.pmd
Scope (Rifle) - idm044.pmd
Scope (Semi-Auto Rifle) - idm045.pmd
Thermal scope - idm0c5.pmd

Dynamite! - idm08d.pmd

For xfile/obj/obm:

List of models and their filenames in xfile/obj/obm

These models mainly supplement the other models or map architecture, eg enemy weapons, deco


Short Scythe - obm0200.pmd
Short Axe - obm0300.pmd
Hot Poker (used at the beginning) - obm0500.pmd
Dr Salvador chainsaw - obm0800.pmd
Bella Sisters chainsaw - obm0801.pmd
Super Salvador chainsaw (Waterworld) - obm0802.pmd
Large Scythe - obm0900.pmd
Fire stick - obm0a00.pmd
Krauser flash grenade - obm0b00.pmd
Molotov cocktail - obm0c00.pmd
Pitchfork - obm2100.pmd
Crossbow - obm0d00.pmd
Crossbow arrow - obm0f00.pmd
Dynamite stick - obm3900.pmd
Female ganado knife - obm4900.pmd
Shovel - obm6900.pmd
Pickaxe - obm7000.pmd

Occult member spiked shield - obm4e00.pmd
Occult member ball and spike - obm5100.pmd
Occult member chain - obm5200.pmd
Occult rocket launcher - obm5600.pmd

Army man shield - obm7800.pmd
Army man stun stick - obm8300.pmd
Army man helmet - obm8500.pmd
Huge Army man spike hammer - obm8400.pmd

Las Plagas stick (use unknown) - obm5500.pmd

Bucket - obm2200.pmd
Wheelbarrow - obm2300.pmd

Ganado hat 1 - obm2000.pmd
Ganado hat 2 (darker) - obm2000a.pmd
Ganado hat 3 - obm2400.pmd
Ganado hat 4 (darker) - obm2400a.pmd
Ganado hat 5 - obm2500.pmd
Ganado hat 6 - obm2500a.pmd
Female ganado headscarf - obm4700.pmd
Female ganado headscarf 2 - obm4700a.pmd
Occult member key (red leader) - obm4f00.pmd
Krauser's beret - obm6400.pmd
Brown cap - obm9600.pmd
Saddler's huge eyeball - obm9b00.pmd

Pendant (worn) - obma100.pmd
Pendant with key (worn) - obma200.pmd

Gattling gun emplacement (with base) - obm5900.pmd
Huge gun emplacement - obma300.pmd
Huge gattling gun emplacement - obma400.pmd


Ashley picture (Leon's, never used) - obm1000.pmd
Binoculars (never used) - obm1200.pmd
Policeman's glasses - obm2600.pmd
Paper airplane (Ada's) - obm9100.pmd
Ada's grapple gun - obm9d00.pmd

Chicken egg - obm2900.pmd
Brown egg - obm2901.pmd
Golden egg - obm2902.pmd

Walkie talkie - obm2c00.pmd
Walkie talkie 2 - obm2c01.pmd

Salazar key - obm4300.pmd
Red-tipped arrow - obm6800.pmd
Flying arrow (Separate Ways) - obm9f00.pmd

Ganado rocket - obm9000.pmd
Bug insect - obm9c00.pmd


Rope 1 - obm0600.pmd
Rope 2 - obm3700.pmd
Thin rope - obm1300.pmd
Steel chain - obm0700.pmd
Long chain - obm5c00.pmd
Long chain 2 - obm5f00.pmd
Chain with hook ("It" fight) - obm7100.pmd
Spooky tree - obm1600.pmd
Spike - obm1700.pmd
Spike 2 - obm3100.pmd
Spike 3 - obm7700.pmd
Long hexagonal spike - obm3a00.pmd
Stone/Boulder - obm1800.pmd
Burning policeman on stick - obm1900.pmd
Burning mound (underneath policeman) - obm2e00.pmd
Dark boulder - obm1f00.pmd
Boat hook - obm2f00.pmd
Huge crane - obm7300.pmd
Huge crane arms - obm7301.pmd
Huge crane ball (used to smash rubble) - obm7400.pmd
Concrete pillar - obm7600.pmd
Wall-mounted camera - obm8600.pmd
Full pillar - obm8900.pmd
Broken pillar - obm8800.pmd
Random vertical tracks - obm9200.pmd
Sandstone wall - obm9400.pmd

Police van - obm2a00.pmd
Ganado truck - obm2d00.pmd
Mike's helicopter - obm3d00.pmd
Mike's helicopter (less detailed) - obm3e00.pmd
Mike's helicopter (crashed) - obma500.pmd
Rocket (Mike's helicopter) - obm3f00.pmd
Mine cart - obm4a00.pmd
Mine cart trolley - obm5300.pmd
Rotating cart (Separate Ways, dock area) - obm9e00.pmd

Car windscreen - obm3000a.pmd
Truck windscreen - obm3000b.pmd
Unknown windscreen - obm3000c.pmd
Unknown windscreen 2 - obm3000d.pmd
Unknown windscreen 3 - obm3000e.pmd
Unknown windscreen 4 - obm3000f.pmd
Ada boat windscreen - obm4d00.pmd

Dead female ganado pinned to wall - obm4100.pmd
Pitchfork that pins ganado - obm4101.pmd
Dead Luis Sera - obma000.pmd
Gattling gun bullet strip - obm6500.pmd


Door padlock - obm2b00l.pmd
Door padlock 2 - obm2b00r.pmd
Door padlock 3 - obm5b00.pmd
Chained padlocks (El Gigante fight w/ Ashley) - obm4c00.pmd

Ganado wardrobe - obm4000.pmd

Wagon with explosive barrels - obm3400.pmd
Crank handle - obm3200.pmd
Lever (used twice for Leon/Ashley door) - obm7500.pmd
Zipline handle - obm9500.pmd
Chandalier - obm3500.pmd
Boat - obm3600.pmd
Cable car - obm4600.pmd
Multiple mine carts (for actual event) - obm6200.pmd
Turnstile (Ashley scenario) - obm4800.pmd
Ladder and wooden structure (El Gigante x2 fight) - obm5400.pmd
Freaky fish/organism in bag (near end of game) - obm5800.pmd
Canister (during Right Hand boss) - obm5a00.pmd
Church bell - obm5d00.pmd
Train car (Salazar's castle) - obm5e00.pmd
Digger (Ashley-driven) - obm6700.pmd
Hook arms (Leon-operated) - obm7200.pmd

Reddish barrel - obm4b00.pmd


Las Plagas version 1 - obm1c00.pmd
Las Plagas (El Gigante) - obm1d00.pmd
Las Plagas (El Gigante w/ chains) - obm3b00.pmd
Las Plagas (Garrador) - obm1e00.pmd
Las Plagas (Krauser) - obm6300.pmd


Ganado target (shooting range) - obm7900.pmd
Broken target - obm7901.pmd
Ganado target with dynamite - obm7902.pmd
Female Ganado target - obm8000.pmd
Ashley target - obm8100.pmd
Salazar head target - obm8200.pmd

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Models Empty Re: Models

Post by Wesker on Mon May 22, 2017 2:25 am

For xfile/sub/puzzle:

List of weapons/ammo models and their filenames in xfile/sub/puzzle

These models are used in the inventory system (the ones you can move around)


Hand grenade - pec001.pmd
Incendiary grenade - pec002.pmd
Flash grenade - pec00e.pmd

Knife - pec038.pmd

Handgun - pec023.pmd
Punisher - pec021.pmd
Blacktail - pec027.pmd
Red9 - pec025.pmd
Matilda - pec003.pmd

TMP - pec030.pmd
Minethrower - pec036.pmd

Shotgun - pec02c.pmd
Riot Shotgun - pec094.pmd
Striker - pec02d.pmd

Bolt-Action Rifle - pec02e.pmd
Bolt-Action Rifle w/ scope - pec06b.pmd
Semi-Auto Rifle - pec02f.pmd

Broken Butterfly - pec029.pmd
Killer7 - pec02a.pmd
Handcannon - pec037.pmd

Rocket Launcher - pec035.pmd
Rocket Launcher (Special) - pec017.pmd
Chicago Typewriter - pec034.pmd
Chicago Typewriter (barrel magazine) - pec053.pmd
PRL142 - pec041.pmd

Crossbow (Ada) - pec010.pmd
Shotgun (Ada) - pec047.pmd

Hunk's TMP - pec03e.pmd
Krauser's Bow - pec052.pmd


Handgun ammo - pec004.pmd
TMP ammo - pec020.pmd
Shotgun ammo - pec018.pmd
Rifle ammo - pec007.pmd
Minethrower ammo - pec046.pmd
Magnum ammo - pec000.pmd
Handcannon ammo - pec01a.pmd
Crossbow ammo - pec011.pmd
Krauser bow ammo - pec072.pmd


First Aid Spray - pec005.pmd
Green Herb - pec006.pmd
Yellow herb - pec01c.pmd
Red herb - pec019.pmd
Chicken egg - pec008.pmd
Brown egg - pec009.pmd
Gold egg - pec00a.pmd
Small Bass - pec095.pmd
Large Bass - pec097.pmd

TMP Silencer - pec03f.pmd
Stock (Red9) - pec042.pmd
Stock (TMP) - pec043.pmd
Scope (Rifle) - pec044.pmd
Scope (Semi-Auto Rifle) - pec045.pmd
Thermal scope - pec0c5.pmd

For xfile/em/wep:

List of weapons models and their filenames in xfile/em/wep

These models are used by the character models ingame


Hand grenade - wep1900.pmd
Incendiary grenade - wep2200.pmd
Flash grenade - wep2300.pmd

Handgun - wep0200.pmd
Handgun w/ silencer - wep0201.pmd
Punisher - wep0100.pmd
Punisher w/ silencer - wep0101.pmd
Blacktail - wep0400.pmd
Blacktail w/ silencer - wep0401.pmd
Red9 - wep0300.pmd
Red9 w/ silencer - wep0301.pmd
Matilda - wep1700.pmd

TMP - wep1100.pmd
TMP w/ silencer - wep1101.pmd
TMP w/ stock - wep1102.pmd
TMP w/ stock and silencer - wep1103.pmd

Minethrower - wep1400.pmd
Minethrower w/ scope - wep1401.pmd

Shotgun - wep0700.pmd
Riot Shotgun - wep3300.pmd
Striker - wep0800.pmd

Bolt-Action Rifle - wep0900.pmd
Bolt-Action Rifle w/ scope - wep0901.pmd
Bolt-Action Rifle w/ thermal scope - wep0902.pmd
Semi-Auto Rifle - wep1000.pmd
Semi-Auto Rifle w/ scope - wep1001.pmd
Semi-Auto Rifle w/ thermal scope - wep1002.pmd

Broken Butterfly - wep0500.pmd
Killer7 - wep0600.pmd
Killer7 w/ silencer - wep0601.pmd
Handcannon - wep1500.pmd

Rocket Launcher - wep1300.pmd
Chicago Typewriter - wep1200.pmd
Chicago Typewriter (barrel magazine) - wep4900.pmd
PRL142 (inventory model) - wep5100.pmd
PRL142 (ingame model) - wep5200.pmd

Custom TMP (Hunk) - wep2900.pmd
Krauser TMP - wep2700.pmd

Punisher (Ada) - wep3800.pmd
Blacktail (Ada) - wep5400.pmd
TMP (Ada) - wep3900.pmd
Semi-Auto Rifle (Ada) - wep4000.pmd
Semi-Auto Rifle w/ scope (Ada) - wep4001.pmd
Shotgun (Ada) - wep4800.pmd
Crossbow (Ada) - wep5000.pmd
Crossbow arrow (Ada) - wep5001.pmd
Chicago Typewriter (Ada) - wep5500.pmd

Krauser's bow - wep2800.pmd
Krauser's bow arrow - wep2801.pmd
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Models Empty Re: Models

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