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Japanese file name reference list Empty Japanese file name reference list

Post by Wesker on Mon May 22, 2017 2:17 am

布地/Nuno = Cloth/fabric covering (seeing as there's a lot of this in the game).
瓦礫/Gareki = debris.
映り込み/Utsurikomi = Background glare/reflections/backing for things like windows.
小物/Komono = Accessories/Decorations for the stages that are part of the stage mapping.
遠景/Enkei = Backdrop, likely to be in addition to a skydome/skybox.
草/Kusa = Grass or weeds.
赤壁/Akakabe = literally "red barrier" referring to barriers/walls behind windows, doors and so-on in some of the RAID Mode/Red Queen Alpha stages.
外/Soto = literally "exterior" or also "outside".
円形/遠景/Enki = Literally both meanings for 'round shape' and for 'distant vista/view' so additional scenery on the skybox sort of scale, but it wraps around and isn't the actual skybox!
夜景/Yakei = literally 'nightscape' - may be an Enki type or may be the actual skybox/skydome.
階段/Kaidan = staircase or stairway.
天球儀/Tenkyu = this is your full world "globe" skybox sort of thing.
影/Kage = can be for either shadow map pieces, or for extra pieces to have defined shapes on the stage.
岩/Iwa = Cliff or boulder.
岩壁/Iwakabe = rock wall/cliff face.
蛍光灯/Keikoutou = fluorescent light.

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